Cloud storage Terms of Service comparison: Avoid Google Drive

Cloud storage Terms of Service comparison: Avoid Google Drive

This is obviously a severely small sample size of the different ToSes, but is still scary enough to make my security department look twice and NOT want to allow Google Drive for corporate users, especially on our Corporate Owned devices.

Update: As pointed out to me on twitter, and then I remembered having the discussion myself, Dropbox had the same type of wording in their ToS when they first introduced their service. Users yelled, they listened and changed their ToS. My question is was Google not paying attention?


Meet Google’s secret weapon for fighting Apple and Microsoft

As an early Atrix with Webtop 1.0 tester and an AT&T customer, I have not heard a peep from Google or Motorola regarding updates to the Webtop software and Lapdock hardware platforms. It’s good to see that improvements are being made as version 1.0 was more like a beta than a true version 1 product. Sure, it worked for what I wanted to do with it, and you may find tweets written by me claiming how good it worked, and how much more I like it than the iPad, but let me assure you, I wanted to like it more, but in the end, I didn’t. I also wanted to like Android more than I like iOS, but again, in the end, I didn’t.

That’s not the point though, the point is that Motorola and Google’s “Nirvana Phone” is still being improved. I am disappointed that Chrome is STILL not the default browser on a software OS (Webtop) that requires another software OS (Android) that is developed by Google, but it sounds like further improvements are in the works.

I don’t know if I could get myself to leave the iOS world long enough, at least as my default phone and tablet, but if Verizon’s one Data Plan for multiple devices strategy ever comes to fruition, then I may just have to take another Webtop/Nirvana Phone for another spin.

Three killed at Cracker Barrel restaurant in Ohio

Besides just being sad, this story has so many different angles to it that I cannot stop thinking about it. I should just be sad for this whole family, I am, but I cannot help but to think about all the angles and details. I’m sure more details will surface, in the mean time, however, I’m left with these thoughts and questions:

Why were the kids there? If the woman planned on telling her husband that she was leaving him, why bring the kids there to witness this?

I have to assume the woman had to have known her husband was unstable or would react very poorly. Otherwise, why plan to tell him that she was leaving him in a public place?

How did he come up with a gun that fast? Gun rights advocates are going to be hard-pressed to defend this guy’s actions. Before being attacked, I am not against gun ownership, but if he didn’t have a gun with him, this tragedy would not have happened at the restaurant, and may be the assailant would have had a chance to think and cool down. Sure, maybe he was crazy and time wouldn’t have mattered, but more often than not “cooler heads prevail” in cases of “crimes of passion”.

If the woman called 911 to report “suspicious and erratic behavior”, why wouldn’t she take her kids and get the hell out of there?

Again, this story saddens me, but the situation just doesn’t add up to what happened. I’m sure we’ll see more details in the coming days and weeks.

Who Will Buy The Nokia Lumia 900

After I gave my opinion regarding the Lumia 900 last night, I was asked who would buy this device, especially since the specs are so far behind Android and iPhone devices. I gave this question serious thought, because I love to play devils advocate, and I actually did come up with a user that I am starting to believe the Nokia flagship phone is aimed at.

They’re IS one user type that this will entice. Smartphones have still only found its way into 50% of US homes. So what about the other 50%? I think new smartphone users will choose this phone because:

  • it will get subsidized at no cost eventually
  • it will be pushed by AT&T sales reps
  • it does look “cool”
  • New smartphone users won’t know that the apps aren’t there until they get it

Sure, they’ll then be disappointed that they can’t use the same apps that they’re new friends, or at least the friends that have other smartphones that they never paid attention to, have. BUT, I’m starting to think this is what Nokia and Microsoft are hoping for though. If they get those new smartphone users, maybe, just maybe, they can convince developers to start bringing their apps to the Windows Marketplace.

Nokia Lumia 900 Priced Right or Too Expensive

I used to think the $99 price tag was to incentivize consumers to finally come to a full featured Windows Phone. The more I read about this device though, which lacks in specs, single-core and only a 16 GB option available for example, and its general lack of popular apps, the more I believe that the Nokia “flagship” phone is priced right or may even be a little high. Even though it may be a beautiful looking phone.

Nokia Lumia 900 review


It’s Time To Believe In RIM And The BlackBerry Again?

I put the question mark there, because I’m not buying this one….

Some of my favorite gems:

Thankfully for RIM, smartphone innovation has slowed drastically recently. Android and iOS are turning to novelties like bigger screens and silly voice controls to sell more devices

What? Is RIM really relying on everyone else to slow down without relying on their own innovation? That’ll work…

I would go back to a BlackBerry in a hot second if they had a similar feature set as an Android device. Much like Windows Phones now, BlackBerrys have always been about core features over apps. The company has also pretty much ignored the importance of apps. In fact the company’s managers seem ignorant on the matter.

Can you say contradiction? Today’s mobile world is all about the apps, devices and core features are secondary, as long as the user can get to their Angry Birds (or whatever)…. Which is what makes this next missive that much more appalling to me.

RIM is beaten and laying on the floor. Together, Apple and Google knocked out the champ. Since then, they’ve started fighting each other, seemingly ignoring RIM as regains his strength.

In what world is RIM regaining any strength right now. They just had their worst quarter ever, stock is at an all-time low, and the company is still ignoring innovation and an app ecosystem.

I agree with the sentiment that no one “wants” to see a company die, but I think a lot of investors and enterprises are looking for their forks. RIM is pretty well done.

Austins Homeless Become Controversial Wi-Fi Hotspots During SXSW [VIDEO]

I truly don’t understand what the issue is here. The homeless people are agreeing to sell 4G service to conference attendees. The shelter, whose sole purpose is to provide services to these homeless people, is behind the idea as well. Noone is being hurt, in fact, every dollar provided to the homeless sales people, is a dollar they didn’t have before and would have either had to sell something else or just beg.

The only problem here is guilt. In this case, people need to get over themselves and just use the services.

Austins Homeless Become Controversial Wi-Fi Hotspots During SXSW [VIDEO].